Boat/Watercraft Insurance

If you own a boat or personal watercraft in Illinois, be sure to think about insuring it. Adequate coverage can give you peace of mind by providing financial protection from accidents and other boating mishaps. It's more comprehensive than the coverage included with a renters' or homeowners' policy. Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to carry boat/watercraft insurance.


When you use a marina or borrow money to buy a boat in Illinois, the marina or bank might demand insurance. The state government requires registration and/or title certificates for many vessels, but it doesn't force owners to insure them. On the other hand, nearby Arkansas demands liability coverage for motorboats with 50hp or stronger engines and all PWCs. Keep this in mind if you travel to Arkansas.

  • Many lenders require full insurance
  • Marinas may expect liability coverage
  • A few state governments do the same

Coverage Options

A renters' or homeowners' insurance policy can cover some of the smaller boats when they suffer damage. It normally won't provide coverage for fast motorboats or personal watercraft. The same goes for large sailboats. Some insurers will let you add boat liability protection to home coverage, but it usually isn't included.

Boat/watercraft insurance covers a wide range of vessels. It may provide trailer protection as well. This type of policy can come in handy if your watercraft becomes damaged, injures someone or gets stolen. It offers better liability coverage than home or renters' policies. This is the most desirable kind of insurance for anyone who wants comprehensive protection for a valuable boat.

Turner Vermost Agency can help you find the right coverage. Our independent agency enables customers to easily identify the best insurer without having to contact several companies. Although we're located in East Moline, boaters in Rock Island, Colona, Davenport, and Bettendorf can also benefit from our services. For a free quote and personalized advice, please contact the friendly, knowledgeable agents at Turner Vermost Agency today.