Home Insurance

Turner Vermost Agency Offers Home Insurance For Illinois Residents

For many people, a home is often their biggest investment, and they want to protect their investment against expensive losses that can result from accidents, weather events, or lawsuits. At Turner Vermost Agency, we help Illinois residents determine the right homeowner's insurance for their needs.

Why You Need Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Your home may feel like a sturdy fortress and refuge against the storms of life, but it’s still vulnerable to a number of problems. Heavy rains, snow accumulation, fire, theft, vandalism can cause damage to your home at any time. Someone may have an accident and be injured on your property, leaving you liable for medical costs and lawsuits. Homeowners insurance is designed to defray these unexpected costs, so you can enjoy greater financial stability.

Types of Homeowners Insurance You Should Consider

Standard homeowner's policies will cover damage from common events such as fire, hail, lightning, and explosions. Generally, coverage is divided into the two parts, for the structure itself and the contents inside the structure. Policies will also cover liability if someone is injured on your property or inside your home. Flooding from outside the structure and damage from earthquakes are not covered by these policies, but you can acquire additional policies for these risks. In addition, "umbrella" policies can provide additional coverage against loss if you feel the standard limits do not fully cover your needs.

Make Turner Vermost Agency Your Agent for Homeowners Insurance in Illinois

Your experienced agent at Turner Vermost Agency will take the time to help you understand the various types of coverage and levels of insurance available. We offer many insurance products for our clients, including home, auto, life, and business. Contact Turner Vermost Agency today for a free, no-obligation quote on homeowner’s insurance that can protect your finances against expensive losses.